Bring the National School Program to Your Community

imgCongratulations on taking the first steps to bringing The First Tee National School Program to your school! Below you will find out just how easy it is.

  1. Identify Funding: The cost for the program is a one-time fee of $3,250 per school and serves children for many years to come. Sponsorship and funding opportunities are available for many schools. The one-time fee covers: 
    • Equipment - The program uses developmentally appropriate golf equipment, SNAG.
    • Curriculum Manual - lesson plans and resource information created using the framework of the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) National Physical Education Standards.
    • Training - online training (at no additional cost) or in-person training (at an additional cost) for participating physical education teacher.
  2. Contact The First Tee Home Office: Please email The First Tee home office to request the Individual School Agreement (ISA) for physical educator(s) and principal to complete and sign.
  3. Complete Training: Physical Educators must complete training online (included with the program) or through in-person training (additional fee required). 
    • Online training requires the physical educator to complete a three hour professional development session to become certified to deliver the program. 
    • In-person training is conducted in the community by one of The First Tee National School Programís certified national trainers.  In-person training is $2,750 for 10 to 40 physical educators.  Contact The First Tee home office for more information on in-person trainings.
  4. Receive Curriculum Manual & SNAG Equipment: You will receive both items upon successful completion of:
    • payment or purchase order delivered to The First Tee home office
    • signed (principal and physical educator) Individual School Agreement returned to The First Tee home office
    • online or in-person training completed by the schoolís physical educator

For additional information, please contact the Senior Director of Outreach for the National School Program.