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Have you thought about supporting The First Tee? Our junior golf programs teach kids and teens more than how to swing a golf club, they introduce life skills and core values that can be used in school, at home and in the community. But don’t take our word for it. 

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"Once I started participating in the program, my outlook on golf and life would be forever changed.  Not only has The First Tee taught me golf skills, but also life skills that I will keep for a lifetime.  I am excited yet anxious for the tasks and challenges that lie ahead, but I know The First Tee values and skills that I have acquired will be there helping me every step of the way."

- Participant, The First Tee of Modesto



"Being in The First Tee program for three years, I have watched my daughter not only become a better golfer but more importantly a finer, caring young lady.  Watching her as she greets new people with a self-assured smile and firm handshake gives me great satisfaction.  I know the program has also done a fabulous job when I see Samantha treat everyone she comes in contact with in a friendly, willing to get to know attitude no matter who they are.  Thank you The First Tee for giving me a good golf partner and a daughter who makes me proud every day."

-  Renee Guilbault, Parent from The First Tee of Myrtle Beach

“We believe this program is so essential because it welcomes and offers undiscriminated opportunity to all children and youth who wants to learn to play golf. The program also skillfully instills the Nine Core Values into these young golfers which will contribute in helping them to be successful in life.  For us, the most important thing is that we saw that Zach values the game more than just hitting the ball and getting good scores, he had grown to be more aware of his manners on the golf course, have responsibilities of taking care of his clubs and surrounding, and an understanding about being ethical."

- Denis and Loan Rivizzigno, Parents from The First Tee of Coachella Valley

“The First Tee has been a great influence in our daughter’s life.  The experiences and lessons she had received while participating in The First Tee Junior Tour, the Life Skills and Leadership Academies and Life Skills Experience has made an impact in Taryn’s current daily life as well as her future goals.  It has encouraged her to reach out to the community through volunteer work, to establish goals while playing golf and to prepare for future educational opportunities.  The First Tee program has not only improved her golfing ability, it has made her a better person and nurtured her to become a future leader through patience, determination, enthusiasm, people skills and the drive to make a difference."

- Frances and Glenn Yee, Parents from The First Tee of Greater Sacramento


"I have been a golf coach and teacher for the last 10 years and I can honestly tell you that I have never felt more empowered as a coach and teacher.  In my 10 years, I have been to many clinics and nothing compares to the program that you have put together.  My goal this year is to become a recognized coach of The First Tee...The information and hands on experiences that I have learned from you has directly impacted not only The First Tee participants at our chapter, but also my golf teams and the students in my classrooms. The curriculum is not theory but directly relates to all junior golfers. Thank you for the continuous learning!"  

- Rusty Oetinger, Program Director for The First Tee of Fresno



“Kids who have never picked up a club in their life are now really, really interested in playing the game. Not only are they interested in the game, but the core values were something that they really took to. They weren’t afraid of failing and always gave a great effort. You guys should be really proud of this program, because it is truly a wonderful learning opportunity for all involved.”

- Ken Merklen, Jonsson Community School, Dallas, TX

“These nine words [The First Tee Nine Core Values] have become part of our P.E. vocabulary. I have noticed a lot less pouting and more perseverance when a new skill is introduced. Honesty in games is also more prevalent because the children understand that they do not want to lose their integrity.”

- Shann Griffin, Gwinnett County School District, Lilburn, GA



"Not every child gets the kind of grounding and positive reinforcement at home and school that I was fortunate to receive.  That is why programs like The First Tee are so important to the development of the next generation.  When Barbara and I created an endowment fund, we chose The First Tee as the avenue to direct those funds so that they might reach and impact as many young lives as possible, because we knew The First Tee makes a difference."

- Jack Nicklaus, The First Tee Trustee


“What The First Tee has accomplished working with our youth is remarkable.  The overall magnitude of the program’s impact is extraordinary.”  
- Tim Finchem, PGA TOUR Commissioner  

"PricewaterhouseCoopers is proud to positively impact the lives of young people through our ongoing relationship with The First Tee.  Many of the values that The First Tee teaches are the same values we embrace as a firm.  At PricewaterhouseCoopers, we believe that the lessons of golf are the lessons of life -- and this belief is at the core of The First Tee mission.  We look forward to our continued collaboration for the benefit of today's youth."

- Dennis Nally, PricewaterhouseCoopers